About the Mindiampets

Since 2015 the Natural pet shop has been on a mission to create a modification on the minds and perception how people think about pet products. We only sell premium luxury pet beds that are suited for the happiest doggies.

Your pets deserve the best

Natural pet shop is an Australian owned company and since incorporation in 2012 we have tens of thousands of happy customers, and over 50,000 orders. We are considered one of Australia’s largest pet shops. We are focused on providing the best customer service and value for the consumer, by lowering operating costs and allowing customers to buy their products via our secure SSL secured website.

We have a full time team working around the clock

At present with have 8 staff working for us/ If you contact our customer support then you’re likely to speak with James, Becky and our IT guy is James. We have another two staff in the warehouse working with our eCommerce orders making sure everything is packed and dispatched on time.

Mindiampets.com.au – Payment Methods

We accept Paypal, all major credit cards and we accept all of the cryptocurrencies listed here. Bitcoin BTC, Litecoin LTC, Bitcoin Cash BCH, BlackCoin BLK, CloakCoin CLOAK, Dash DASH, Decred DCR, Dogecoin DOGE, EOS, Ether Classic ETC, Ether ETH, FLASH, GameCredits GAME, LISK LSK, NAV Coin NAV, NEO, Steem Dollars SBD, SmartCash SMART, STEEM, TRON TRX, Vertcoin VTC, Monero XMR, VERGE XVG, ZCash ZEC, Horizen ZEN.