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If you keep telling your friends, “my dog smells rotten!” then take a look at this lavender warmer. It is made from a blend of Australian grown lavender and wheat that can then be added to the filling or slipped in under a mat-style bed.
Not only will your dog love the smell, but it will freshen up the bedding and act as a natural repellent to help keep away fleas.
This is the perfect accessory for your dog’s bed.
Washing Instructions:

Sponge clean only.

Size: LxW –  40x30cm

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Dimensions 40 × 30 × 5 cm

3 reviews for My Dog Smells Rotten | Buy A Snooza Lavender Warmer

  1. Mary Phillips

    It was super easy to slide this pad under the plush cover of designer solo bed we also bought. The FIRST NIGHT we used the bed warmer, our dog slept in his bed, giving my wife some much needed quality sleep. That is easily worth the price of this pad, which is much more affordable than buying a complete heated dog bed.

  2. Alicia White

    I know a lot of people who care about electricity costs, I have 3 dogs and each one used to have it’s own heating pad for the dog bed under the blanket but it became to expensive, so we went with this one as it used to be on 24/7 during winter and out bill sky rocketed.

    One of our long haired golden retrievers usually smells good, though when there is a health crisis she cant have a bath and stinks, this is a life saver, highly recommended for dogs with long hair.

  3. Mel Richards

    This is the perfect product for my dog, usually after 2 or 3 days without a bath her fur will turn harder and she will start to get a bit of a smell which transfers to the dog bed.

    This keeps her warm on cold days, and i buy a new one every year just to be safe. I also frequent to make sure there are no holes anywhere or frayed bits. It is a bit more expensive then other warmers but i buy these ones.

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