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Any dog that likes to curl up and snooze in their own space will adore the design of the Igloo Oslo as well as the plush upholstered exterior finished in two-tone fabric along with the interior in soft, luxurious manufactured fur interior.

If your dog is inclined to make a run for their bed that safety is assured thanks to the non-slip base for extra stability.

The covers for the mat and igloo body are both removable and washable so that your luxury dog bed always looks, feels and smells its best.

Make your pet dog the most stylish as well as most comfortable by adding the the best dog cave bed – Igloo Oslo to your list to buy.

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Cushion (with fill): Warm machine wash 40c. Do not bleach. Cool tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.


Small – 0.6kg | Length to outside edge 40 cm | Width to outside edge 25 cm
Large – 0.8kg | Length to outside edge 50 cm | Width to outside edge 35 cm


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8 reviews for The Best Dog Cave Bed Igloo Oslo – Hooded Dog Bed

  1. Gabriel Hamman

    I have two small doggies and love them! They are always sleeping in this bed, it is the perfect size, not too big or too small, so it’s very cozy for the dogs. They’ll either curl up inside to get some darkness, or they’ll lounge with their head resting up against the side of the entrance.

    When you get one your dogs (or cats) will love how soft his bed is.

  2. Amy Broad

    I bought this online with all of the information provided by the Mindiampets and the reviews so it seemed acurate. Bought the large for my 8 month puppy. My decision was made based on giving her more room as she keeps growing. And also for her to be able to sleep stretched out all the way if she wanted to do so (and she does).

    This is the only bed that she accepts as her own, i purchased 2 previous ones and she never used them. Besides looking like a nice dog bed, its really plush, comfortable and it doesn’t fall down like other dog cave beds that you see online.

    This dog bed is worth every cent i paid for it.

  3. Liam Break

    My dog absolutely loves this igloo shaped dog bed. It is her safe little space to feel cozy. She took to it right away—these photos were taken two minutes apart, with the first one taken about a minute after I set it up for her.

    One thing i would say to future customers, you should order the large if your dog is heavier than 10 kg, so consider the size of your dog when deciding if this would be a good purchase for you.

  4. James Herron

    I have been looking online and in store for a cave type dog bed which has orthopaedic quality for my dog as she was recently diagnosed with cancer and has had a rough time falling asleep.

    I ordered the large size of this bed and zac can fit into it without it being to tight. This bed is really soft on the sides and looks good in my lounge room.

    It was a little pricey but in my option it is worth it as my dog loves cuddles in it!

  5. John Prior

    My dog was 100% adopted and he was always getting into places he should not be around the house where he shouldn’t have been, i think he was hiding from us as he was terrified, so i had to find him a safe space.

    I bought this little “cave” as we call it. It’s portable so I could carry him in it, when he felt nervous he’d simply climb back into his cave rather than growling or barking. It helped him warm up to other family members and the other animals in the house. I would recommend this to anyone who has a dog that’s a little anxious.

  6. Maya Hunter

    I am really surprise at the quality of this dog bed, it is excellent! I didn’t expect such a durable bed at this price. We purchased this for our little Maltese terrier, we live in Wagga and it can get a bit cold in winter.

    I have to admit he does not seem to like it for it’s intended purpose, to snuggle up inside, sometimes of late he has been sitting on top of it for some reason and entirely stretching out over it!

    I suspect he may take a liking to sleeping inside it on the coldest nights of the year. We will have to see. He hasn’t nibbled it or chewed it, which is a relief because he destroys everything with his chewing!

    If only he’d curl up inside it rather than on it! I recommend this bed to all of my friends who own a smaller dog.

  7. Claire Cook

    My dog enjoys this bed so much and so often it’s borderline irritating. She really rubs it in my face by staring directly in my eyes while making a big show of rolling around and basking luxuriously inside of it.

    I have never seen her enjoy something so much before, i bought the larger so so she had much more room to spread out.

    5 stars from me for this one.

  8. John Mann

    I bought this for my puppy when she was about 18 weeks old. I have hopes that when she matures a bit that she’ll use it as a plane to nap, but for now she has crazy fun in it and I’m definitely okay with that!

    It is kinda of small. She fits comfortably but won’t be able to stretch horizontally. She has been in the house since five minutes after I opened it. Last night, there, this morning, still there. She loves it!

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