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The Shapes Oblong Mocha is ideal if you are searching for a comfortable long lasting quality dog bed. This design is available in S and L sizes.

The cushions are upholstered in luxurious man-made suede. One great benefit is that the faux suede has great resistant properties so that hair, fur and dander will brush straight off.

These luxury dog beds are easily cleaned and come with removable covers. The inner cushion is also both washable and refillable.

Watching your loved pet sound asleep on the Shapes Oblong Mocha luxury dog bed will bring a smile to your face.

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Washable dog bed instructions

  1. With this washable pet bed you will need to remove the body cover first

Cushion (with fill): Warm machine wash 40c. Do not bleach. Cool tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.


Medium – 2.33kg  | Length to outside edge 85 cm | Width to outside edge 55 cm
Large – 3.8kg | Length to outside edge 115 cm | Width to outside edge 75 cm

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11 reviews for Shapes Oblong Mocha – Quality Dog Bed

  1. Emma Armitage

    I gave it a bit of time before i wrote this review so i could be a bit more familiar with the bed and cover after i put it through the wash. I am have with the purchase and my border collie thinks the same and loves this bed.

    He suffers from a spinal problem in his neck and lower back, so sleeping can be very uncomfortable for him all night.

    The bed is not like most memory foam, it is expensive but it is for a beloved family member so it is more then worth it. If you have a dog that has arthritis which is a problem you should absolutely buy this bed.

  2. Alex Chin

    The shapes oblong is the BEST bed for larger dogs and is worth every cent. I have been buying beds for my dogs for over 30 years and from my experience keeping your dog healthy will save heartache and keeps your wallet healthy as well. With this bed, imagine not having to buy a new dog bed every year or two, with just having to make do when you know your dogs bed is worn out, but you bought it only 8 months ago so you let it ride out.

    I previously bought beds from Kmart which were cheaper at $40 each and set them up in pre made dog bed frames, unfortunately they only lasted 11 months. The biggest problems were the covers were very difficult to remove from the inner “mattress” for laundry, and they began to sag in the middle after 11-ish months of daily use.

    I ordered to of the large sized beds for our house to accommodate our two dogs.

  3. Spencer Faheyooley

    My two terriers love their new orthopaedic bed, it is very supportive and comfortable for their old bones (they are now 9 and 11). The quality of this dog bed is amazing and it is easy to up-pack and setup. Butters and Smash love the hardness of the based pillow and frequently sleep on it during the day time.

    There are several other dog beds which are less expensive but in the long run this bed from the Mindiampets is by far the best quality dog bed money can buy. It does really melt my heart to see both of them sleeping on the new bed i bought them, thank you very much.

  4. Sienna Dilmer

    My dog is really picky about EVERYTHING, especially the first night that we had this new bed as I left his older bed in the spare room, so he chose to sleep in that bed all night. I was really upset that he didn’t use his new bed, but we know he would love it. The next morning when i came out into the lounge room i found him snoring on the new bed! I moved his old bed out to the back deck and he was absolutely fine with it.

    We ordered the large version of the bed are our dog is around 40kgs, even though he is a slightly chubby dog he fits perfectly on his new bed and has room to spare!

    We joked around when we first bought it saying that if he does not like it, we could use it ourselves for a guest bed. We have bought a bunch of cheaper beds before and this bed was worth every cent! I would but this bed again and i would recommend it to other people who want something that lasts.

  5. Kiara Gaulson

    My babies love to sleep together, one is a rotty and one is a terrier. I was really getting over spending hundreds of dollars on beds that just fell apart and flattened after 3 moths. After we did the refurbishment on the kitchen and turned the dining room into another living room we knew we had to buy new beds for our girls. After we discusses the price we went ahead and bought the large size oblong bed. I love that this bed sleeps both of our dogs and has room to spare!

    It was the best decision i ever have made. One of our dogs still sleeps on a plate cushion in the bedroom and the other sleeps on the oblong, she always gets a solid nights sleep.

  6. Aaron Sinclair

    We ordered the large version of this bed for our french bulldog who just had a hip replacement surgery. He usually does not like to lay on a bed but with this he just falls right to sleep.

    The quality of the bed is really what we looked for in this purchase. We had the blanket, the pillow, and all of the bedding for this bed. We ordered it on line and within the same day it arrived. It is the first bed that I have been able to put in our house where we have a dog that loves to sleep on the floor and it is perfect.

    We have another husky cross which loves laying on the bed as well, so we will be ordering another one soon. Even our 5 year old son fell asleep on it the other night with the dogs by his side.

    Even though this is more expensive then a cheap bed you might find in Kmart, the quality and customer service is par to none, we ordered in and it arrive in 3 days which was really impressive.

  7. Lachlan Mendes

    We purchase the shapes oblong bed for our 11 year old bulldog. As he is in his older age he started to slow down and had some issues with joint pain. We noticed that when he got off the couch or our bed, he would limp more often the usual.

    When this started happening more often I started to research specialty dog beds for him. I heard about the Mindiampets from a friend off Facebook. After i made the purchase this bed has helped him rest and relax more, while keeping the pressure off his tender joints.

    We have noticed that he has a bit more of a spring in his step and definitely sleeps longer hours at night.

    Even though we purchased this for our dog, we have noticed that our other 2 cats have started using it as it is placed in our living room, sometimes all three of them will sleep on the bed together.

    The bed comes well package and it arrived quickly. It is made of high quality materials and the cover is easy to take off and wash in the washing machine. I would highly recommend this dog bed to any animal with orthopaedic issues or even for someone who wants to buy there dog something special.

  8. Marcus Welch

    We should not have waited so long to get this bed for our boys. We bought the oblong about 4 weeks ago in a large size and they are absolutely over the moon with it and to have him enjoying the comfort and to have a special spot to lay his head is great. This bed has exceeded all expectations and is worth every cent!

    We have 2 larger sized dogs who both love snuggling into out big king sized bed for a few minutes each night before they jump off and go to their own bed. The old bed we had started to flatten out in the middle so we bought this bed after the reviews we read about it on facebook from other friends who had purchased it.

    This be may be a bit more expensive but it is by far the best dog bed we have purchased for our boys. We have gone through countless beds and with this they are comfortable with the thickness and density of the foam, there is barely any sinking at all. I could even sleep on it if a needed too! LOL

    We have only had it for a few weeks not but it is clear the boys love it.

  9. Spencer Francis

    I have been wanting to buy this bed for my special guy for a while now and knowing i had to splurge a bit more on is at around $180 but it has been worth it! I am writing this review at 6pm as I watch MKR on TV, while my boy sleeps on it less then a few meters away from me.

    The reason i gave this a 5 star review is that he jumped onto the bed as soon as i unpacked it and lated down. He also sniffed around hard as dogs like to do. He is a curler and snuggles and sprawls out on any bed we buy him, so for him to love this bed so must and get a good night sleep makes me happy.

    If you’re thinking about getting this bed and reading this review, add it to your cart and stop waiting.

  10. James Reushland

    My only regret is that i ordered a small for our larger then average collie, even though it is great in size, he just fits comfortably, I should have went with the large because he likes to stretch out when he sleep on the end of our bed.

    That was my mistake though. He also recently had surgery and was unable to get up the stairs to sleep on our king sized bed, so we needed a strong and supportive bed that would help him in the healing process. We took a real chance in ordering this and was confident it would be a great purchase and believe me we were not let down, this is the only bed he sleeps in now!

    It is very supportive for his aging bones and the cover is very soft and cozy, he loves it.

  11. Benjamin Gowland

    I bought this dog bed as i read the excellent customer reviews, I knew i could have bought a cheaper one but i didn’t as i would have ended up coming back to this one and spending the money on it anyway. My 8 year old golden is having the usual problems that you start getting at that age. It is very hard on her as she has struggled with arthritis a lot recently and seemed to age rather quickly.

    One the first night after it arrived i was so excited to show her the new bed (that night she didn’t even sleep on it) and i was worried it wouldn’t be able to help her get a goods night sleep. However since then she has slept on it every night and loves it. She used to be grumpy and wouldn’t even want me to touch her at night, but now she wags her tail constantly when she wakes up and is happy for me to give her a pet at night when she is on her bed.

    UPDATE: I have had this bed now for over 6 months and it is still wonderful, it is my labs favourite place to spend her time and it is super easy to clean. I usually just vacuum it and wipe it with a slightly damp cloth, i haven’t yet had to take the cover off. The bed still holds a firm shape and my lab is still happy as larry when she sleeps on it. She has fewer pains and aches and always gets a goods night sleep.

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