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Available in S, M & XL, the fun-inspired Cuddler Elks brown luxury fur stands out from the crowd; ideal for that pampered dog with an independent streak.

Any dog would make a run for a bed as stylish and luxurious as this, so a non-slip base will add to the safety of this luxury dog bed.

This bed is upholstered in a soft polyplush manufactured material in soft brown as a striking contrast.

If your dog loves to stretch out, curl up, snuggle or cuddle with comfort assured then purchase this dog bed.

On the practicality side, the outer ring and cushions have covers that are removable and washable. The inner walls are separately zippered and are both washable and refillable.

If a quality dog bed is what you are after then you need to have the Cuddler Elk on your list of items to buy.

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Washable dog bed instructions

  1. With this washable pet bed you will need to remove the body cover first

Cushion (with fill): Warm machine wash 40c. Do not bleach. Cool tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.


Small – 0.8kg | Diameter (cm) 50
Medium – 1.9kg  | Diameter (cm) 70
Large – 3kg | Diameter (cm) 90
XLarge – 5.1kg | Diameter (cm) 110

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Large, Medium, Small, X-Large

8 reviews for Cuddler Elk – Luxury Dog Beds – Orthopedic Round Sherpa Top Bolster Bed

  1. Henry Minchin

    I have always tried to avoid fur beds because they can be a pain to clean and I’m not keen on the aesthetic, but I needed to bribe my dogs with something to keep them off my pillows.

    As for the quality when it arrive it was nicer then expected, also the whole bed is washable when you remove the cover.

    I bought the large so it is big enough for both of my small dogs, I often find them sharing the bed and man they they generate a lot of heat in this thing and stay very toasty.

    Although it’s large enough for both of them, it’s not overly large.

    My dogs took to it straight away, as soon as got this bed and threw it on the ground, the jumped right in with zero attempt to move. They sleep on it everyday since it’s arrived.

    Overall, the dogs love it and now I don’t get hair all over my pillows and blankets.

  2. Leo Braid

    My little poodle loves this bed and i have been through 7 beds in 3 years.

    All of them have been ruined by her chewing through them or making a mess on them. This bed is cozy and comfortable.

    She loves this bed so much, she made a bit of a mess on it after a few weeks, but I washed it, and it came out just fine! I bought the large, but I almost wish I had bought the smaller one because the large is very big for her.

    I’m so glad I finally found a good dog bed that is long lasting!

  3. Cameron Allcot

    I am not really a person to write reviews but this bed change my life for the better. We have 4 dogs, 3 of them sleep in there own beds all night. The third dog? We’ve battled him for years now throughout the night, kicking him out of our bed, just to find he’d returned each time. I tossed & turned, trying to move his dead weight that was holding down the blanket & keeping me from moving freely in my sleep (& I move around a lot during the night).

    Let’s just say it was love at first sight when this arrived, i swear it was so happy, he jumped onto it, wiggled around and smushed his face into it, we then swapped out his bedroom bed and put it in the lounge room for a dog free night in our bed.

    When i wake up and see him curled up in his bed every morning instead of pinning my legs down on the bed, this is contentment.

    Our third dog is super cuddly so i assume he wanted a nest-style bed or something that would “hug” him. As for the quality, I can’t attest to that yet, but otherwise I am super pleased with this bed!

  4. Alyssa Goward

    My pup loves his new donut bed, even from the first night home with us when he was only 12 weeks only, he snuggled into his comfy bed and fell right asleep.

    The bed is perfect for him and feels really soft which he loves. This is a true orthorpedic dog bed and looks classy and sophisticated. Anyway, super happy. Buy this for your pet.

  5. Ben Piper

    I am someone who always reads other people reviews before i buy an item, so the reviews do matter. I was looking for a dog bed that didn’t look like a dog bed. I have a terrier mix and i was looking for a smaller round dog bed.

    It’s insanely soft, super fluffy, and my dog fits in it perfectly. It normally takes him some time to warm up to new things, but he already gravitated towards it after two nights of it being in our home.

    He’s sleeping in it as I write this, also the bed is way more durable than I had expected. Our pup loves to chew on soft things and he eats through his plush toys.

    My brother thought it was super expensive but the price is very reasonable for the quality.

  6. Claire Scherf

    I bought two of these donut shaped beds for my dogs, one for upstairs and one for downstairs.

    Now he just happily cuddles with these all day. I’m so happy that this purchase has improved his little dog life. He loves these more than any bed he’s ever had. Very happy with this purchase!

    These also both look trendy as opposed to other dog beds. We don’t have to hide them when we have company.

  7. Cameron Davis

    We had just got back from the local park walking the dog, when the package for this dog bed was waiting for us at the door, when we opening it our puppy thought it was a giant toy for her, she immediately jumped onto it, snuggled in and fell asleep.

    She has not tried to shew or eat it yet, so that’s nice, we ordered a large for her, even though she is a jack russel we wanted the extra space for this little lady. It is big enough for me to put my head inside and snuggle with her and then watch her sleep, it is pretty much perfect.

    I am sure she would leave a review with her paws if she could!

  8. Leah Abdullah

    Our 10 year old miniature Schnauzer absolutely loves this bed! It took her a few minutes to get used to this new thing in her life, after we first introduced her to it, and now she practically lives in it!

    We bought the smaller size, it is very soft and well padded on the sides and on the bottom of the bed, it is also deep enough so that she can borrow into it.

    It is comfortable for her even when it is on hardwood floors as it has a padded base. I’ve posted pictures of my dog enjoying her bed on Facebook and Instagram, and already a few friends are going to order one for their own dogs.

    This bed seems so comfortable watching her sleep on it, i wish i could order a larger version of one for myself!

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