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Talk about a pampered pooch; the Cuddler Chinchilla is one of our dog beds which will be added to your favorite list.

To suit a variety of dog sizes this luxury dog bed is available in M, L and XL sizes.

The bed is upholstered in a luxury grey manufactured fur; it is soft and inviting so your dog to get hours of blissful sleep.

Stretching, cuddling, snoozing and curling up in comfort are assured for your precious pal.

The bed has a non-slip base which will add to the safety that comes with a luxury dog bed.

Further practicality is provided thanks to removable and washable covers on both the cushion and the outer ring.

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Washable dog bed instructions


  1. With this washable pet bed you will need to remove the body cover first

Cushion (with fill): Warm machine wash 40c. Do not bleach. Cool tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

Small – 0.8kg | Diameter (cm) 50
Medium – 1.9kg  | Diameter (cm) 70
Large – 3kg | Diameter (cm) 90
XLarge – 5.1kg | Diameter (cm) 110

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Large, Medium, Small, X-Large

6 reviews for Luxury Dog Bed – Cuddler Chinchilla

  1. Dean Patterson

    I do love for my dog to sleep in the same bed as me, but I also like my space so I put their doggie bed on my bed for them to sleep on.

    I’ve tried three different types of beds and she wouldn’t sleep in any of them. But she really loves this one, that’s for sure! I guess it’s because it’s so soft she just snuggles right down into it. She just looks so comfy and content.

    After taking it out of the packaging i gave it a good shake, ran my fingers through it a bit and fluffed it up.

    Not every dog will like every type of bed, but for my money this is the bed i was looking for!

  2. Sam Welsh

    This is the perfect bed for a smaller dog with some room to spare. I purchased other beds over the past few weeks but my dog just didn’t seem to like them after a week they went untouched. Finally this new one he immediately jumped in and hasn’t left. Seems like he’s finally feeling comfortable again.

    This was a good buy for us, I recommend this bed. We’ve only had it about a month, so I cannot speak to ease of cleaning or durability, but it looks like it will wash just fine, and last for a long time.

  3. Ophelia Seery

    When this arrive, no joke he pulled it away from me with the grip from his teeth. He nestled right in and wouldn’t leave it. He usually sleeps upstairs with us, but he would not leave this bed and slept in it the whole night downstairs by himself that first night.

    He gets a good night sleep in this bed, and he sleeps in it the whole night instead of jumping into our bed.

    I definitely made the right purchase and I would HIGHLY recommend.

  4. Brendan Wager

    My dog has tried half a dozen different dog beds previously, but when this one was presented to him in the house, he immediately pounced on it and it became his new favourite.

    I have one of these beds in every size, and 2 of the large ones for my grey hounds who loves to nest it in. It’s the perfect color for my home, a nice cool grey. So sick of every dog bed available being beige or brown. Because of the texture, dog hair isn’t immediately noticeable so it will look nice in your home.

    It is not super hard, but my dogs don’t care, it is made very well and is strong, so if you have a destructive dog, this could be the bed for you. My dog has some mild bed digging going on but we haven’t found any holes yet.

    I felt like the smaller beds were reasonably priced, the big one seems a touch overpriced but considering how many beds we’ve gone through over the years…this one is easily the favorite, so its worth it.

  5. Abigail Beckit

    This is a very soft shag type bed for my little maltese terrier who dove right into the bed as soon as i opened the box. I first though he would think
    it’s a huge toy because he likes to pull the hair off furry stuffed toys but so far he seems to get that it’s for laying in. I haven’t tried to wash it but says it is washable.

    The bed is larger then i expected fo a small dog, but its nice and has plenty of room so if my friend visits with her dog, she can snuggle too.

    My dog likes to burrow which is why I also got the blanket so he can make his little spot perfect and move it around as he likes.

  6. William Kelsey

    So far my dog loves the bed, at first they seemed a bit confused if it was for them.. walked around it a good bit. Then the little one started taking her toys to the bed, her big sister joined her. Daddy jumped in at one point and the girls were confused what he was doing.

    If you have multiple small dogs they can comfortably stretch out together on the extra large bed. I could see small chihuahuas with short legs may have trouble with the height to jump in but they should be fine.

    Not sure why anyone left negative reviews unless they were expecting something made of gold threads. I think it’s a great buy, so that is a sincere paws up from my dogs.

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