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The Snuggler Chinchilla dog bed with a removable cover is a new design; ideal when you are looking for a luxury dog bed that looks great anywhere in your home.

This design is available in M and L sizes.

Thanks to the orthopedic foam support cushions on the base your dog will be comfortable. It’s sides are soft padded providing added protection and comfort for your younger puppy or older dog.

The entire bed is upholstered in a combination of two-tone fabric with a dark grey plush manufactured fur.

There is a non-slip base to provide stability for your treasured pet. This dog bed with removable covers and bolsters is machine washable.

Replaceable bolsters are also available. You certainly won’t be put in the dog house for buying your pet dog this superb designer dog bed.

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Orthopaedic dog bed instructions

  1. With this washable pet bed you will need to remove the body cover first

Cushion (with fill): Warm machine wash 40c. Do not bleach. Cool tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. This pet bed performs best when aired regularly.


Small – 1.9kg | Length to outside edge 65 cm | Width to outside edge 55 cm
Medium – 2.74kg  | Length to outside edge 95 cm | Width to outside edge 75 cm
Large – 4.15kg | Length to outside edge 115 cm | Width to outside edge 85 cm

Polyester Covers
Body – We only use Australian made foams

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Large, Medium

7 reviews for Orthopaedic Dog Bed With Removable Cover – Snuggler Chinchilla

  1. Tristan Keogh

    My doggo Max is a border collie mix so I ordered the large size orthopaedic dog bed as i wanted him to have plenty of room to stretch out.

    The bed is very well made and is a bit heaver and more substantial then some of the other beds i have purchase previously.

    The assembly of the bed was super easy and took me about 5 minutes which included the cutting of the wrapping it was placed in.

    When it was unpacked there was a slight odour but it was gone by the next day after he had slept in it.

    The covers seem to be well made, the fabric has a nice feel to it and the zipper works really well on the cover. The bed is a bit pricey but its well worth the money.

  2. James Toohey

    This bed has a really nice memory foam which feel thick, maybe around 4 inches and the pad does not sink at all when i press on, the bed seems sturdy and the material covering it seems very soft almost like microfibre.

    It seems much more stylish then other dog beds i have owned, and we were looking for a new orthopaedic dog bed Perth after we moved there.

    My dog is a serious nester but i put a couple of extra blankets with him, so now he can get all wrapped up like he usually does, and that was setup he did not move for 7 hours.

  3. Eugene Torres

    We love this bed, I purchased this bed in the small size for my 12 year old dog and my smaller cat who has arthritis.

    I think it is very important that i find something that is comfortable for them to lay in and have searched around for many orthopaedic dog bed brands.

    My dog now loves this and he is extremely picky when it comes to dog beds at an older age, anyways i found this bed thinking it might feel like the mattress on my bed since after searching it had reviews as one of the best orthopaedic dog beds.

    I have moved it around the house a couple of times and he has followed me around and laid in it wherever it goes.

    The only issue i have is that the car likes to curl up against the inner walls and sometimes he falls out while he is sleeping.

    I ordered this orthopaedic bolster dog bed large sized as i don’t want him falling out and waking up sore or uncomfortable because of there not being enough room with a smaller dog bed.

    I still give this bed 5 stars as he loves his bed soooo much, so I love it as well.

  4. Richard Swan

    I purchased this dog bed from the natural pet shop after searching for an orthopaedic dog bed brands online for my 11 year old 25kg Labrador and some of my friends who have lab puppies have decided to upgrade all of their training beds to these orthopaedic dog beds as well.

    The beds are perfect and roomy, soft and comfortable and i absolutely love the colour that they come in. My dog loves to his head on the side bolsters of the bed and always stretches out and goes to sleep easily.

    I highly recommend this bed to friends and family, so thank you to the Natural pet shop for making my dog so much happier.

  5. Anthony Daniels

    So we have two dogs and a lot of beds, but i as looking for something more supportive for my older dog who is now 9 years old.

    I was searching for an orthopaedic dog bed hip dysplasia supported style and this bed purchase has been the best so far, it was easy to unpack out of the box and so far has been easy to vacuum and clean.

    The bed is light and easily movable to different areas of the house, yes it doesn’t shift of slide around when it is placed on the floor.

    My old dog loves it and even with his large size it still works for him. I would purchase this style of bed again.

  6. Clint Martin

    We have bought two of these beds for our medium sized golden retrievers, so we went with 3 XL’s when the natural pet shop was running a sale over Christmas.

    My dogs love them and they are both big enough for both of them to cuddle on at the same time.

    We previously went with an orthopaedic dog bed black and white styled from Kmart, but after we bought this bed it was easy to setup, easy to clean and as my dogs like to nest and are diggers when they lay down on their bed they are not gentle.

    These beds have shown no size of wear and tear after a few months.

  7. Michael Fletcher

    I know how frustrating it is to find a high quality orthopaedic dob bed Amazon or even an orthopaedic dog bed from Costco then to find out how disappointing it is to invest money into one that does not hold up. For these exact reasons I want to share my experience with my “best friends” so they can find the best orthopaedic dog beds for their home.

    Let me clarify, I wouldn’t have purchased this dog bed at the listed price of 189, because it is a bit out of my budget, but now that i have purchased it, i realize that it is worth every cent.

    Over the years, i have had 5 dogs (all of them golden retrievers), so i have some experience with orthopaedic dog beds for arthritis (nearly all of my dogs got sore joints as they got older). From now on all of my future doh bed purchases will be from the Mindiampets as they have always maintained a high quality of service, product quality and a reasonable price.

    So here is a list of why I am so impressed with this orthopaedic dog bed for large breeds:

    Quality: The fabric is on a bed that is made well and holds up to my standards, it doesn’t stain easily or absorb liquids (things such as dog drool). The seems are also very soft and the zippers are good quality, i know this personally as i had to remove the cover to wash it.

    I have had many dog beds that have fallen apart or the cover could not be cleaned. With this bed the zipped stay in share after washing it and my dog is always in and out of the bed constantly. After a month of use, it is still holding up well and feels like new.

    This thickness of the mattress and the foam is outstanding. I feel like this is the best orthopaedic dog bed Australia as it provides a great deal of support for your dog and it is very comfortable for aging pets, especially those with arthritis and aging joints.

    Aesthetics: This bed was certainly designed with a dogs needs coming first. If your dog should urinate of vomit or if you have any other spills, you can remove the cover and wash it in cold water and then hang the cover out to dry and zip it back on.

    The bed has a low profile wall at the front allowing your dog to easily step in and out of the bed, this is an added plus.

    Colour: I purchased the standard colour and love it! Even though my lounge room furniture is of the warmer tones, this grey colour does not clash. It compliments my other furnishings, especially my off-white decor that runs along the base of my sofa.

    Size: I purchased the larger size for my dog and she snuggles into it well and puts her paws up on the inner walls, i may go for the extra large next time so she can stretch all the way out.

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