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The Shapes Oblong Chinchilla is a new designed dog bed; ideal as a luxury dog bed that looks great anywhere in your home.

This design is available in M and L sizes.

The cushions are upholstered in a plush man-made fur finished in dark grey. The remainder of the bed is upholstered in two-tone grey fabric.

The overall effect is a hard wearing, yet has a plush luxury dog bed vibe.

Your precious pooch will have many wonderful hours of sleep on this plush bed.

The Shapes Oblong Chinchilla dog bed is easy to keep clean and comes with removable covers. The inner cushion is both washable and refillable.

Buy your dog the Shapes Oblong Chinchilla dog bed today.

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Washable dog bed instructions

  1. With this washable pet bed you will need to remove the body cover first

Cushion (with fill): Warm machine wash 40c. Do not bleach. Cool tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.


Medium – 2.33kg  | Length to outside edge 85 cm | Width to outside edge 55 cm
Large – 3.8kg | Length to outside edge 115 cm | Width to outside edge 75 cm

Polyester Covers
Body – We only use Australian made foams

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Large, Small

12 reviews for Shapes Oblong Chinchilla – Luxury Dog Beds

  1. Fen Chung

    Our little Maltese terrier is now 4 yers old and has had her own futon for all of these yers, and after time it became a sign for sorry eyes. We started reading up about orthopaedic beds and come across the natural pet shop for its benefits for dogs joints and comfort.

    With a few blankets on the new bed she now loves it and so do we! The large sized is perfect for our princess.

  2. Sara Herron

    This is actually a huge bed for our dog, i debated on what size to get, and went with the large and spent the extra $50 and i am glad i did. It took her a little while to get used to and she really doesn’t know what to do with all the room! She has never had a bed that has actually fit her before. For extra protection I put a twin fitted sheet over the bed. Yes this bed is pricey but well worth it and you can tell it is made with high quality materials.

  3. Berjamin Jørgensen

    We purchased for our dog who just loves it, she is getting older and the arthritis is setting in, she can still climb just fine on the couch but laying on a hard floor or surface does bother her after a short while.

    I love her so much and i was very determined to find the best bed possible which had orthopaedic benefits. So my research began and after a few months, finally chose exactly what she needed. This bed is absolutely perfect! It is extremely well made, has washable covers, The warranty is great! There is no doubt that this bed will live up to my expectations.

  4. Jai Secer

    We ordered this for our golden, who is currently struggling with some serious mobility issues and saw joints. In any case this bed is easily on the same comfort level as our couch and is much easier to get onto and access for our injured dog. It’s also large and firm enough that we can lay on it with her to provide comfort and support when she isn’t feeling her best.

    The cover is simple to zip on (I have had to throw away dog beds after being unable to replace a cover that was removed for washing). Like all dog owners, we know that our dogs are the best dogs on the entire planet. We can confirm that this bed is worthy.

  5. Ethan Trent

    I bought my first dog bed back in 2014 when my retriever was diagnosed with cancer.

    Since then we now have a terrier, we got from an owner who could no longer keep him, and brought him into our house. These are excellent beds and the one I bought in 2015 which is the same brand, looks just as good as the one I bought recently. As our boy has joint and hip problems, he spends more time in his bed and seems to get good rest and a deeper sleep as a result.

  6. Sophia Ethel

    Five years ago my husband and i adopted a german shepard puppy that has previously been struck by a motorist. After this the vet had warned us that even after extensive surgery he would have arthritis and mobility issues much younger than the average dog and asked whether or not we wanted to make that commitment to give a stray dog a second chance.

    At 20kgs and with no amount of coaxing could we convince him to lay down on the Natural pet shop bed and i was certain that my investment was a complete waste. We chucked the Big Barker in a bedroom and called it a day.

    After a few days, we noticed that he wasn’t sleeping in his usual spot in the tv room, he was curled up in the bedroom which had his new bed in it, so based on this it wasn’t love at first sight, but it’s definitely love.

    With this dog bed, the cover is thick and appears that it will survive many washings. The bed is every bit as thick as they describe and, as other reviewers claimed, you can stand on the bed and not even feel the floor.

    Honestly get this bed for your pup or grown dog, they deserve it.

  7. Mia Zou

    This bed is amazing! Our 7 year old pitty has recently had hip surgery and is show signs of pain after recovering, it was a real hard time getting her to lay on beds from the store and when we did she would get up and limp for about 10 minutes.

    After much research and reading so many wonderful reviews I decided on this bed for her AND thank goodness I did! She LOVES her bed and gets out of it with no problems and I noticed is sleeping better at night.

  8. Shuang Tai

    We have an elderly labrador, over the years we have spent at least over 2000 on dog beds which fall apart, wash terribly and get shredded to hits by our boy when he is nesting.

    After just moving into a new home, with new hardwood floors, we started to get worried about what type of dog bed we would go for.

    I came across the natural pet shop from our son who somehow found it through Facebook, he convinced us to shell out for the more expensive orthopaedic dog bed. We decided to give it a go and are VERY impressed! I barely got it out of the box before he was jumping all over it. It seems very well made and sturdy. I think we have finally found our dog bed solution after years of looking.

  9. Gabrielle Miriam

    Where do i start to talk about his bed. It is not a fancy looking bed but it contributes to the health and well-being of my 12 year old Dalmatian, especially as he ages he is getting a bit stiffer and slowing down as he put more pressure on his elbows.

    We have to buy a new bed as the previous one became to soft and he would walk up all stiff , so we needed something that would no contribute to her discomfort.

    My dog likes it and is now spending less time on our bed and more time in his own bed. For the price it has been worth it.

  10. Selena Vogel

    We recently moved into a new apartment which has no steps, so our dog was struggling with new place. We had a dogs bed in the living room, and my dog is now 12 and struggles with getting up on the hard wood floors, so i thought if he had a comfortable bed on the floor it would be easier for him.

    My bog suffers from a condition effecting old dogs which also mimics the same characteristics as a stroke, in which they stumble and fall repeatedly, it is very scary makes the dog anxious and nervous so they pace but constantly fall then can’t get up.

    I saw the chinchilla oblong bed online and after reading the benefits and reviews i decided to give it a go and even compared it to other high priced beds, but what set it apart was the orthopaedic features that came with it.

    I am so relieved that I don’t have to worry about him falling and hurting himself trying to get on my bed when I’m not here, he looks so happy, I caught myself just watching him sleep, I think this purchase is the best thing I could have done for him and I want everyone to know it is worth it.

  11. Amy Harvey

    My dog is 9 years old and i wish that i bought this bed for him sooner. It is the most supportive high quality bed i have seen (and i researched a ton of other website before i bought this). It is so supportive i can lie down on it and cuddle him and it feels like an expensive mattress for humans.

    After my dog got diagnosed with arthritis, so I decided he deserves an upgrade from his old egg crate pad. He also had surgery a few weeks ago, so i made sure that I ordered this bed in time for his recovery when he came back from the hospital. While he is recuperating on his new bed i know he will be sleeping in comfort.

  12. Lara Robert

    I waited a little bit before i reviewed this dog bed, so i could speak from a real experience. We purchase this as an alternative to buying a futon mattress for our one year old poodle, and he loves it.

    Well, i even love it, i am actually slightly jealous. As a comparison to give you some insight on how well this bed works compared to the larger dog breed beds you may see, after we purchase this our poodle went from waking up at 5am and barking to sleeping in all night and now he gets up early and stretches his legs.

    So this alone is worth the extra cost of not getting woke up early every day, even though it did take a bit of coaxing and positive reinforcement to get his onto the new bed instead of ours.

    This new bed is springier and thicker then his old one and he is happy with is orthopaedic new bed. After a few weeks of use i have found that this bed is real tough, as when he tried to bury treats in the bed or does some of his digging there are no tears to be found in the material.

    The product was shipped promptly and the product is made from beautiful fabric which suits the rest of our household interior. I hope this review helps.

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