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If you are looking for an Oblong dog bed for your large dog then the Shapes Oblong Oslo should be at the top of your list.

The top is upholstered in soft faux fur that accentuates the plush luxury feel to compliment two-tone upholstered fabric on the remaining surfaces of this dog bed.


The Oblong dog beds are easy to keep clean and come with easily removable covers.

Even the cushion is both washable and refillable.

Buy your dog the Shapes Oblong Oslo and they will love you even more for it.

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Washable dog bed instructions

  1. With this washable pet bed you will need to remove the body cover first

Cushion (with fill):  Warm machine wash 40c. Do not bleach. Cool tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.


Medium – 2.33 kg  | Length to outside edge 85 cm | Width to outside edge 55 cm
Large – 3.8 kg | Length to outside edge 115 cm | Width to outside edge 75 cm

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Large, Medium

12 reviews for Shapes Oblong Oslo – Large Dog Beds

  1. Anthony Sommer

    This dog bed is huge! I debated with myself over which size to buy but i ended up going with the large and spent an extra $50 to get it, and i am very pleased that i did.

    It is for my terrier which is about 15kgs right now and he sleeps soundly at night.

    It took him a little while to get used to it and he seems a bit confused as to why there is so much room for him on the bed, he has never actually had a bed that fit him before.

    For a bit of protection i put a sheet over it as it is a bit pricey and i wanted it to last longer, kind of like you would on new car seats, but i can tell you its worth it and it is made with high quality materials. If you love your dog this bed is a must have!

  2. Edward Foster

    I purchased this bed for Jez our dog who is a 7 year old lab. I will admit i was agonizing over the price a bit and with my fear of him destroying the bed (as he has chewed up beds before) I would have to say i was pleased with the durability and comfort that he gets from the bed.

    Jez ate a box of cadbury chocolate (that he pulled off the kitchen counter) and proceeded to vomit all over his bed.

    The cover was easy to remove and i washed it in the washing machine, slid it back on and everything is back to normal with no smells or issues.

    I would recommend this bed to friends as it is worth the money i paid for it.

  3. Victor Udinese

    I was looking for a proper orthopaedic bed for my two dos, each is weighing in at 35kgs each. We have bought lots of beds previously and for support and durability they quickly broke down with the cheap interior foam going all clumpy and mushy.

    When we got this delivered we know it was going to work well, it didn’t have an unpleasant smell and it had the same kind of support you might feel from sitting in an expensive car seat, something like a BMV or Audi.

    My dogs love it! They used to sneak onto my (forbidden) couch at night for a good rest. Now they both are quite content to sleep on their new bed. The fussiest of my dogs hopped right on the bed and would not leave for 2 hours. Last night, we had to trick them to wake up after dinner so we could get them outside one last time.

    This bed was a bit expensive but it is better in the long run, the other option is having to buy a cheaper bed and replace it twice a year. If you want your dog to take up sleep on the bed quicker, you could air it out a bit, place his food bowl closer to the bed or even lay down on it with him.

  4. Mathias Goldschmidt

    I wanted to wait at least a month before i wrote my review. I really like this bed so so does my pitbull. The foam is quite tick and you can tell its high quality and the cover is well made and is easily washable if you want to slip it off. The only quibble i have that after washing the cover it is a bit loose, sorry to sound whiney but i really do like this bed and recommend it, i would buy it again.

  5. Alana Smith

    This is the second oblong bed i have purchase in the past 2 years, one for our 5 year old lab and one for our husky mix. I bought one for the bedroom which is where he sleeps at night, and with being a large breed we are always on the look out for orthopaedic beds due to the potential for arthritis in older age and hip issues.

    I researched all the top brands & after reading reviews I watched the heat sensor pressure video on this bed & I was sold! I went with large sized bed this time simply because we had room for it’s size. I’m not even joking, this bed is so big my husband & I can actually lay comfortably on the bed with him! He LOVES that & so do we!

    These beds are easy to clean as i just run the vacuum cleaner over them and if you want to give them a good wash you can just remove the covers. We know it gets hot in summer so we placed a standing fan next to the bed so he keeps cool when it is really hot.

    I have tried a few dog beds before but none have come close to this oblong bed for support and comfort, these beds do not flatten or cave in the middle, like other beds do. The bed looks exactly as the picture and i can say you get what you pay for with the oblong from the Mindiampets.

    I whole hardheartedly recommend these beds to everyone considering them!!! You won’t be disappointed!

  6. Triệu Ngọc Hợp

    I came across this by accident as i was looking for a supportive bed, one that would actually last a few months as my dog likes to nest ALOT. At first i thought these beds were quite pricey, at least until i priced out other orthopaedic beds from the store. The competitors beds looked good and they were around the same price but they did not have strong reviews like this beed and to pay that much i would want quality and longevity.

    I know from the photo the bed is actually way bigger, it is perfectly consistent with more then enough room for my dog to spread out and have a good sleep when he needs it.

    The cover is quality and the foam is firm with zero smell. I would like to add that this company has excellent customer service and are a genuine local Australian company that i would buy from again.

  7. Charlot Bergeron

    Have to say ““BEST BED EVER!” This is the second bed I have ordered for my dog. She loves this bed and i put it in the bedroom so she started spending most of her time with me in the bedroom instead of the living room.

    When we got a second bed she want nuts! just to see the smile on her face and her tail wagging was enough of a reward for us.

    This is better then the cheap and nasty chinese beds you see on eBay, we have had ours for over one year now and I am just writing this review as i ordered our second one, even when the first one is still like brand new.

    I recommend all of these beds to my friends and the ones who placed orders love it just as much as i do!

    The only thing i can think of in terms of criticism is it would be cool if this style had walls on the side of it, as we had a bed like that before and she seemed to really enjoy it when she snuggled up against the raised sides.

    But she is really happy with her bed, and we are happy that we are buying from a small Australian owned company!

  8. Jade Vernon

    So at first glance this does bit excessive, but i had a heaver dog and have been replacing my previous bed every 6 months as it would sink to the floor in the middle and start getting all frayed and smelly (even after washing the cover in the washing machine).

    For the price, buying a dog bed every 6 months gets expensive, so this bed right here makes sense financially.

    Comfort wise it is amazing! Personally i have had multiple hip surgery ops and i even fell asleep on this one night cuddling my pup.

    The customer service for this purchase makes the purchase worth the price as they answered me directly by email when i needed help with replacing the cover.

    My doggo gives this bed 4 paws up.

  9. Isabelle Paterson

    I bought this when our border collie was diagnosed with cancer, she loved the bed for her final months and then it was adopted by out other dog which is a pitbull cross.

    These are excellent beds and the one I bought seems work well and he is starting to get good rest and a deeper sleep as a result. If your dogs are like mine, I would suggest you save the $40.00 and get the smaller type; I’ve had three dogs use these beds, so the smaller sized beds are roomier with no headrest and a large dog can stretch out better.

  10. Dennis Went

    I got my oblong bed in large as i liked the orthopaedic features. The item took 2 days to arrive and i received it in the morning (which I was so excited for). The bed comes shrink wrapped so it needs time to re-expand but I took my dog on our daily morning walk and came home and it was good enough for our favourite boy.

    I am actually sitting on it now while i type this review and it rivals the couch we have in terms of comfortableness. It is quite expensive but worth every cent.

  11. Nicole Simmons

    Buddy never really like dog beds, but this bed from the Natural pet shop chanced all that, it is well made and worth every cent in comparison to what is sold at Kmart or BigW.

    Before i bought this bed my dog was not a dog who used dog beds, he preferred the couch over his previous bed. As buddy is getting older nearly 8 years now his joints are getting stiffer, you could see it when he got up from a nap.

    I was a bit put off by the cost, especially considering that ever other dog bed claimed orthopaedic benefits, but with this bed i bought off this site it is worth every cent and you get what you pay for.

    This bed strikes me as well made, sturdy and easy to keep clean, i have noticed that the cover is removable and can be washed in the washing machine.

    The Mindiampets bed has really beed a hit with buddy and now he happily naps on it while I work nearby, and it seems like he gets a good, deep sleep based on the fact that he dreams during the naps.

  12. Brayden Severn

    I was glad i spent this money on this bed, it is basically a real foam mattress just a bit smaller, it could really be used as a mattress for a small person. I went with he large size and glad i did as my pitbull loves to have plenty of room to stretch out when he sleeps.

    It really is comfortable. I’ve laid on it myself to see what it’s like and it’s like a mattress for a human. It has UNBELIEVABLE retention, as my fat dog barely pushes it in as he either stands or lays on the bed.

    My dog will no sleep on nothing else, i could not be happier with the purchase and i will never buy a different brand now i have found this.

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