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With so many people now driving SUV’s, Wagons and 4WD’s dog car accessories and transporting your pet is often a standard requirement. For safety reasons you dog is best put in the luggage area, sitting in the Out ‘N’ About dog bed.

The Out ‘N’ About is stylish, comfortable and easy to keep clean. The mat contains an insert that is both reversible and removable.

If your dog loves to snuggle then the woolly side will be very comforting for them. The reverse side is a 600 denier rip stop that is very tough, the bed is water resistant making it ideal for those paw prints after a trip to the beach or a muddy walk. The outer edge of the bed can also be used as a boot liner.

On the practicality side, the outer and mat are both washable, including the bolster inserts. At trip’s end you can remove the Out ‘N’ About from your luggage area so that can be used as a dog bed while you are traveling.

dog car seat accessories

This perfect dog bed car accessory is easy to clean!

This dog car accessory is suited for any car with a boot, such as a sedan, ute, truck or SUV. This is a unique backseat dog bed which is simple to machine wash when you remove the cover. It is designed to protect your dog and prevent unwanted dog hair, dirt and unwanted doggy slobber in the back of your car.

Give this dog car seat a quick wipe down and your car boot will be super-clean and after the most splashy trip.

This is an Australian designer car dog bed that comes with a non slip base to prevent any sliding in the back of your car, sedan or SUV. It has padded walls designed to instantly contour to the body of your dog for optimum comfort.

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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 35 cm

4 reviews for Out N About Double Dog Car Seat

  1. Susan Floureu

    I bought this bed as it was big enough to fit my puppy when she is fully grown. This is my 3rd dog bed and it is for the back of the van, all I can say is that she loves it so far and she can completely stretch out and it looks very comfortable.

    This bed encourages her to lay down and relax when we are driving, I have watched her on the inside car camera and been very happy with how this bed has helped my nervous dog.

    Very good bed and worth the cost.

  2. Eugene Wang

    So good so far with this one, my dog has only had it a week and we take him to the park 5 times a week to walk him. He used to completely destroy beds, so there is still time. She is a very avid chewer and can bite things quite aggressively, so I am hoping this bed will be the lucky charm. It looks to be very well made and has strong construction.

    The customer service has been great as well.

  3. Jeremy Hammond

    I cant sign enough praise about this dog bed, my puppy loves it and he is only 12 weeks old, he has been sleeping in in since the day it arrived. He is not 6 months old and has doubled in size since, and this is still his favourite bed.

    The cushy padded sides make the perfect pillow for him or at least that is how our little guy thinks about it.

    The best feature by far is the machine washable cover, we have washed it twice so far and it has held up to our standards and is still super soft.

  4. Carolyn Smith

    I have two great danes and i love them to death and i have spent so much money on them over the years with various dog beds. So unfortunately my dogs chew everything and break anything that comes near them.

    This is why other beds where so inexpensive and never lasted.

    We live in the blue mountains and i wanted a strong comfortable chew proof bed we could slide into the boot of the car for when we go for a drink to the park.

    You get what you pay for and yes, the largest sized bed isn’t cheap and it shouldn’t be if its a quality product.

    When you have large dogs everything is bit more expensive because to the owners quality is everything.

    This bed is light but it is also strong, chew proof, nesting proof, comfortable, sleek and fits in the back of our car without sliding around.

    Once our dane figured out this was his bed for car rides he gets so excited.

    This is an a+ bed for dog owners that are like me and have a very large dog.

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