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The definitive guide to owning a dog with a busy schedule

owning a dog with a busy schedule

You may be working full time and owning a dog with a busy schedule may be one of the obstacles you didn’t really think about when you purchased that cute puppy.

A dogs behavior is the result from a combination of nature and nurture.

Dogs are sociable creatures who prefer the company of other dogs and people rather then living alone.

Of course every pooch is an individual but learning about about the different characteristics of different breeds will help you when looking after your dog.

Be honest with what you have to offer with the time you have available.

Are you happy to vacuum frequently if your dog malts often?

Will you enjoy brushing your dog every day?

People often have very strong opinions about the type of dog they want in their lives.

Some people are drawn to breeds they find attractive, most people go after a dog they have seen on tv or with a celebrity.

Whatever type of dog you have, remember your pooch has to be right for the lifestyle you are currently living.

What will help with leaving dog at home while at work

owning a dog with a busy schedule

If it was up to your dog, you’d never be apart.

We all know owning a dog with a busy schedule can be tough for both of you.

Dogs are pack animals and they really don’t like to be left alone.

Many of our well looked after dogs are fortunate enough to spend time with their mums and dads and are taken to events and shopping trips when possible.

However, if you have busy schedule you will be leaving dog at home while at work quite often.

The best thing is to put them in a safe confined space, playpen or crate which is spacious and can hold a diva designer dog bed in the corner.

When you are leaving try to ignore any whining.

Gradually increase the amount of time that you have to leave them alone when you have a new dog.

When you come home try not to make a big fuss of them straight away, it may seem like you are being to tough but it is for the best outcome overall.

Wait for your dog to calm down before you give them cuddles and kisses.

I need help keeping a dog in an apartment while at work

owning a dog with a busy schedule

Just think is there anything hazardous your dog can latch on to while you are keeping a dog in an apartment while at work?

Can they destroy anything precious that is laying around your apartment?

You will need to tidy up a bit when leaving your dog in the apartment, here are some tips you can follow:

What can help with keeping a dog in an apartment while at work

1. If you have an indoor garden keep any hazardous chemicals out of reach
2. Keep any poisonous plants and shrubs out of reach
3. Don’t keep any food laying out especially chocolate which you dog can reach and devour
4. Remove anything that can be knocked over such as vases and ornaments
5. Move anything away that can be chewed like electric cords, mobile phones and shoes
6. Put bleaches and medicines out of reach
7. Remember to close all doors to places you don’t want your dog to get too
8. You can apply electronic cameras to your dogs collar so you always know where they are and what they are doing while you are away

Owning a dog with a busy schedule is not easy – Keep your pooch happy with these design dog beds

House training when having a dog in an upstairs apartment

owning a dog with a busy schedule

learning to train your puppy when to pee and poo when having a dog in an upstairs apartment can really test your patience.

The best way to train a dog quickly is to avoid accidents in the first place, prevention is better then the cure.

A new puppy will wee around 8 times a day and it is your job to make sure they have somewhere suitable to go outdoors.

There are more likely times for when they will wan to go and having a dog in an upstairs apartment means more exercise for you.

You might find that you will need to go to bed late and get up early for the first couple of weeks to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

Owning a dog with a busy schedule is like having another part time job with unrealistic hours.

When you are house training your new puppy it is important to reward them for getting it right, lots of love and praise with a small snack will get your message across.

How to keep your dog healthy and happy with a balanced diet

owning a dog with a busy schedule

Dogs will most likely eat most things we do.

You should avoid giving them fatty, sugary or spicy foods.

A healthy dog diet should include protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Should i feed my dog dry dog food or wet canned food?

owning a dog with a busy schedule

Dogs can be fed either wet tinned food or dry food depending on their preference.

A complete dry food is good for some dogs because having that crunchy food removes some of the plaque around the gods teeth that can cause dental problems.

Some dry food is to big for little dogs, in these cases you may want to try some wet canned food.

If your small dog is turning up their nose to just wet food try mixing it with some dry food to moisten up the biscuits.

Raw food diets for your dog

Some people believe that feeding your dog and processed food is wrong.

Dogs on this diet are fed on raw meat, bones and uncooked vegetables.

If you think your lovable pooch would be better off like the olden days and living in the environment make sure you discuss this option with your vet first.

How to pamper your dog at home by grooming

owning a dog with a busy schedule

With any diva dog, appearance is essential and important.

You owe it to your pooch to make them look presentable and not just dragged through a hedge backwards.

Brushing is good for your dog as it spreads natural oils around the coat, making it glossy and gorgeous.

Regular grooming sessions are also a chance to spend more time with your pooch if you feel owning a dog with a busy schedule its starting to be overwhelming.

Your pooch is going to love your pamper and grooming sessions and will come sashaying out of it like a true star.

If you have a dog that is going to need professional grooming then make an appointment asap.

A good grooming salon will take your dogs first visit slowly and when owning a dog with a busy schedule, a grooming salon will give you some time off to do the things you enjoy.

Book extra time so they can get comfortable, relaxed wagging their tail in anticipation for the next visit.

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