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Superb comfort for your favorite dog is what the Buddy Bed Mocha is designed for.

Available in all sizes the Buddy Bed is ideal for a small dog right though to XL dog.

The outside of this dog bed is upholstered in a luxury faux suede, right the way up with the high sides. Inside, the walls and cushion are upholstered in manufactured lambswool, designed to give your special dog hours of comfy sleep.

The Buddy Bed mocha has a lightweight body made from foam including a non-slip base for safety. It is easy to keep clean with zippered removable covers.

The interior cushion is both washable and refillable.

The comfort of this dog bed is fantastic. Buy your dog the Buddy Bed Mocha and they will love you even more for it.

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Washable dog bed instructions

  1. With this washable pet bed you will need to remove the body cover first

Foam body:  Spot clean Covers: Warm machine wash 40c. Do not bleach. Cool tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.
Cushion (with fill):  Warm machine wash 40c. Do not bleach. Cool tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.


Small – 0.9kg | Length to outside edge 53 cm | Width to outside edge 50 cm
Medium – 1.2kg  | Length to outside edge 64 cm | Width to outside edge 60 cm
Large – 1.9kg | Length to outside edge 80 cm | Width to outside edge 72 cm
X-Large –  2.6kg | Length to outside edge 98 cm | Width to outside edge 85 cm



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Large, Medium, Small, X-Large

8 reviews for Buddy Bed Mocha – Orthopedic Washable Dog Bed

  1. Riley Stead

    My dog jumped into this bed as soon as he saw it, he didn’t even give us the chance to move into the bedroom where he sleeps.

    It is a very good orthopaedic dog bed extra large sized and the memory foam is nice and thick.

    My deerhound mix has some arthritis and he is only 7 years old and the softer cheap beds you get from Big W or the reject shop are no good for him.

    He has trouble getting up from his bed, so we purchased this one online from a different which is something different from the usually when we are out shopping at Westfield.

    This dog bed XL sized with sides is perfect for him as he is a larger dog.

    I also wanted to say that I happy that i was able to support a smal business in Australia when buying this bed.

  2. Max Boase

    The bed is perfect, Jack loves his new bed, he tucks his head into the bumpers which is his comfy spot.

  3. Flynn Lambert

    I have two smaller dogs, one of them has a large list of medical issues, so i needed an orthopaedic dog bed medium sized for her to sleep in (she wears a diaper) but unfortunately she finds a way to get it off in the night.

    This bed is sturdy as well as easy to remove the cover and take off to wash, i put this bed in the playpen with a sheet on it which fits well and makes it extremely easy to clean and keep it looking like new.

    I can only assume these beds are very comfortable based on my dog choosing to sleep in it most of the night instead of sleeping in my bed.

    These beds are by far are the best dog beds i have purchased and i highly recommend them.

  4. Patrick Schulz

    This bed is going to be your first choice when purchasing a bed. Our golden retriever loved it and it was delivered and setup by us easily.

    The memory foam gives our dog incredible support in any position, even though he is a younger do, i would think that this bed is perfect for him and even older dogs who have arthritis or joints that are beginning to stiffen up.

    I consider this to be the best orthopaedic dog bed for hip dysplasia you could find in Australia. I have one for the house and I have placed one in the office as he lies there happily for hours watching me while i work.

    We will consider getting another one for the holiday house in a few months time. I highly recommend this dog bed it was worth the money.

  5. Zachary Wheller

    We love this dog bed, it was pricey but you get what you pay for.

    The memory foam on the matres is about 4 inches thick when you pull it out of the packaging and now it has been sitting in the lounge room for a while now.

    I actually invested in some waterproof sheets to cover the bed to prevent and spillage and from preventing my fogs from bitting the bed and pulling any of the stuffing out.

    The sheets also make it a lot easier to wash the bed instead of pulling off the covers and washing it.

    We bought the larger bed and it is perfect for our Australian Shepard dog to sprawl out onto when he wants or he can jump out and rest his head on my lap while i am sitting on the couch.

    I am so happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend this bed to any dog owner.

  6. Jasper Reynolds

    I have bought many orthopaedic dog bed x large sized for my golden retriever, even expensive ones like these but by far this has been the very best. I purchased this grey bed with trimmings for my handsome boy and i love the fact that it is easy to clean and the padding is enclosed with a superior lining.

    I will be purchasing the bed again for cooper, other beds wear out quickly with our lab nesting and digging.

    I would highly recommend this dog bed for anyone looking for a comfortable, easy to clean, alternative place for your dog to sleep (other then our bed) Thank you Natural pet shop.

  7. Dominic Harney

    Both of my rescue dogs love there new natural pet shop bed, I ordered two of them in the large size and worked out perfectly for them

    The each weigh about 20kgs each and one of the dogs is a wolfhound and the other dog is a chawowa and they can each curl up nicely in the bed and rest their head on the pillow together while stretching out.

    Some of the other beds i have bought have ended up being completely flattened in the middle as the filing always compacted.

    These beds are quality made and i expect they will last a very long time. The material construction you can tell is of high quality and it comes with a washable cover.

    The bed looks great, neat and trim and not sloppy like other cheaper dog beds you may have seen online.

    From what i have seen so far, i would recommend them, shipping was very fast and it arrived in perfect condition.

  8. Sean Miller

    We bought this XL size of this oblong bed for our pit-bull dog, and he and 8 year old son both fit on it together to cuddle. The side walls on the bed are very sturdy and not to flimsy when the my dog puts his head on it.

    We just unpacked a few weeks ago so we cant comment on how washable the orthopaedic dog pillow bed is.

    The size of the bed gives my dog enough room to stretch out but since he rarely sleeps on it like that as he is always curled up, so far things are looking really good.

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