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How much does a dog cost per month on average? Here are the 10 top costs to consider.

How much does a dog cost per month on average?

How much does a dog cost per month on average when you have your own lifestyle to support?

As the saying goes; “A Pet isn’t just for Christmas”. Before purchasing any pet, you need to consider just how they (in particular a small dog) will fit into your life.

This Blog raises important things for you to consider as well as practical information on possible dog breeds that may be suitable, dietary advice, health advice, exercise, costs and overall quality of life factors.

How much does a dog cost per month on average? 10 lifestyle reasons to consider

Many people would like a dog but are not confident in how they could handle, control, exercise and feed a larger breed.

Then again, they could go for a smaller pet such as a cat, but they really would much prefer a dog.

Do dogs adapt to your lifestyle?

Many people would like to own a dog, though it can be a big responsibility and will include many extra costs. Here are 10 different things to consider with owning dog and keeping your current lifestyle.

1. If children are part of the household, or visit regularly may put you off considering a larger dog.
2. At the other end of the human age scale, perhaps there is an older person or someone with mobility issues. Those things may put you off a larger dog.
3. Having a dog around can be good security.
4. Is the companionship that a dog brings an important factor but you are unsure of what breeds best suit that role.
5. Is your dog going to be an “outside” dog or a mix that includes “inside”?
6. Does the size of your yard suit a dog”
7. Will you be able to exercise a dog daily?
8. Is your home large enough to share with a small dog?
9. Can you afford all the costs to keep a dog?
10. Do you have any allergies or health issues to consider before buying a dog?

How much does a dog cost per month on average

How much does a dog cost per month on average? Here are the 10 top costs of dog ownership to consider before buying

The Australian Government has some fantastic data on the cost of dog ownership that everyone should consider before committing to buying a dog.

In the case of this Blog Post we are focusing on small dog ownership and it is important to remember that many people who are interested in buying a small dog are doing so because there are children, aged or mobility affected people in the household.

It may also then imply that many such households may only have a single income stream and/or limited amounts of money to look after a small dog.

On that Government website they also include data from Animal Medicines Australia (Source: Pet Ownership in Australia Report, Animal Medicines Australia) where they state that a dog will costs you $3,000 to $6,000 in the first year of ownership.

They also state that the ongoing annual cost of dog ownership is around $1,475. Those are the basic ownerships costs and exclude any vet bills or pet insurance costs.

The 10 top costs of dog ownership

1: Adopting or buying a pet

Between $0 to $500 if you adopt, depending on the type of dog and its age.
Between $500 and a few thousand dollars if purchasing from a breeder.

2: Microchipping, vaccinations and de-sexing

Up to $1,000 in the first year.
Usually included in purchase costs if you adopt from a pet shelter.

3: Vet expenses

Around $450 per annum depending on your dog’s health.

4: Pet insurance

Between $20 to $60 per month
(Shop around to get the best deal for your dog).

5: Pet essentials such as a collar, lead, bed, bowls and toys, or kennel

Up to $500 in the first year.
Around $100 each following year.

6: Flea, tick and worming medications

Between $300 to $450 annually depending on your dog’s size.

7: Council registration

Between $30 to $190 per year.
(Check current cost with your local Council)

8: Pet Food

Approximately $800 annually for premium dog food, plus treats.

9: Boarding Kennels

On average between $25 to $50 per night depending on location, season and length of stay.

10: Other services such as grooming, nail trimming and training

This can depend on your lifestyle and breed of dog.

As you can see from the above costs that adorable photo online or cute look the dog gave you at the animal shelter can actually end up costing you a lot of money; both with the initial purchase cost and the ongoing annual costs especially if you are buying designer dog beds.

The last thing you want to do is take home a new dog and then discover you can’t afford to keep it. That will upset the dog greatly as well as have a similar effect on you.

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